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Saturday, September 2nd
11am - 2pm

Lotus Roots Yoga Studio
710 Raleigh Street
West Columbia, SC


We'll begin our event with the partaking of the beautiful mama cacao. Cacao is a sacred and timeless medicine that gently and compassionately helps us explore our hearts and raise our vibration for more connection and oneness with all.  We will be sharing some of her history, benefits and after exploring the following questions together we will have a better understanding of how cacao can help us in the process of our embodiment work. 

Questions we'll be exploring:

1) What is embodiment?

2) How do we stay embodied? 

3) What things keep us from being embodied?

4) How does embodiment coincide with sovereignty?

We’ll be exploring embodiment practices not only with cacao but with the sacred and beautiful Polynesian dance. We’ll be learning the 4 foundational moves of Polynesian dance passed on from my teacher Teariki-Maeva Arnold from the Cook Islands. This practice is for men and women. Polynesian dance is practiced by both the masculine and feminine. Both sexes stuff emotions in the hips. This practice, if done regularly can help release stuffed emotions and conncect us to our truth. 

Wear comfortable clothing.  Bring some water to hydrate. Come as yourself! And be open to receiving! 


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